Carriage Conditions and Charges

Scandic Line Freight Surcharges 

Caterpillar machinery (per unit)   100 EUR
Overwidth surcharges from 2.61 m up to 3.00 m 25%
  from 3.01 m - 3.50 m 50%
  from 3.51 m - 4.00 m 75%
  from 4.01 m - 4.50 m 100%
  over 4.50 m additional 25% for every next 0.50 m
Connection to electricity   40 EUR
Dangerous cargo IMDG (per cargo unit)   75 EUR
No-show   100 EUR
Cargo storage on liner equipment (MAFI,etc) per day   100 EUR


Scandic Line’s monthly BAF (Bunker adjustment factor)


Bunker Adjustment Factor (BAF) rules:

  • BAF amount depends on price of bunker LSMGO 0.1% in Rotterdam and USD/EUR exchange rate.
  • The price of bunker and currency exchange rate is being followed continuously and BAF amount is calculated based on average amount of 4 successive weeks. New adjustments of BAF can take place earliest after 4 weeks from the previous adjustment.
  • The Line takes risk of fuel prices fluctuations from 250 EUR to 400 EUR. In this range BAF is equal to 0.
  • If the price of bunker is above the a.m. range, there is a BAF surcharge and if it is below the range, there will be a BAF discount.
  • Changes in BAF will be informed to the customers on our webpage with min. 7 days notice time.
  • BAF is announced in EUR per one lane meter and it is not subject for any discounts or rebates.


North Sea Freight Conditions of Carriage

NSFCC_valid from 01.04.2022

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